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Great! Aunt Yvonne-von

When you live with your grandparents and get home @ 11 o’clock on a Sunday evening you don’t expect much besides an orchestra of snoring coming from the bedroom down the hall. Not in my case… Tonight I came home to a session of kitchen gossip between my grandma and a surprise visitor! Aunt Yvonne, my Grandmas younger sister, who lives in Panama, is in town for the week- a dangerous duo, might I add! First thing’s first, she’s one of the only people I know whose actually shorter than I am— she’s basically a duplicate of my grandma but louder, skinnier, and one face lift ahead of her; and she talks in Spanglish really really fast. When I see her I avoid the kiss “hello”(so she doesn’t smell the smoke in my hair from the day) and she goes on about the usual…. “wow, que bonitaaaaa!”, “do you have a boyfriend??”, “look at my new shoes!” (these ghetto fabulous, sneakers with a wedge [oy]) she always wears that type! Then she starts to dramatically act out the step-by-step story of how she got upgraded to first class on the way here and how she was so flattered so she wants to send the man behind the counter @ the airport a “VERY NICE -30 DOLLAR” tray full of dried fruit and dishes, or something like that— [I couldn’t really understand that part was in Spanish.] She is a widow so maybe she’s interested and this is her way of flirting with the guy? who knows… My grandma agrees that she should send the gift and they go on to the next order of business… Now, I’m trying to walk away but each time one of those sassy sisters is able to catch me with another question! And when I’m finally almost up the stairs and I thought the conversation had ended as a pleasant one… grandma yelps, “WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SHOES ON MY BRAND NEW CARPET!?!” 

Looking forward to a wonderful week!

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